Mini Movie Recap – Big Eyes

Amy Adams is an American treasure and im ashamed to say that I hadn’t realized it until this particular movie and performance. I’ve always thought she was good, movies like American Hustle, Her, and Man of Steel have proven that she is a good actress, but wow, she was the lynch pin for this movie. Big eyes is about a woman from the Early 50’s and late 60’s who’s paintings become popular enough to live off of, the only problem is that her husband is taking all the credit. The movie is directed by Tim Burton, I mention that early on because this is his first live action movie since Dark Shadows, in 2012.

Christoph Waltz and Amy Adams portray Margaret Keane and Walter Keane, Christoph Waltz plays Walter’s kind hearted sincere person just wanting the best for Margaret and her little girl very well, and by the end of the movie you realize how different he has become, and it certainly hits home in the court room scenes. But Amy Adams is the subtle star of the show, she plays Margaret very coy and unassuming but also very proud of her artwork. This isn’t about a woman giving in to the man because it’s the 50’s; it’s about a woman giving in because they have fallen down the rabbit hole of fraud, and finding her way out of that hole.

I recommend the movie although sometimes throughout the script it gets a bit lazy, certain exposition and basic story points seem to convenient for the movie, maybe they are made to keep the movie short, but it seems like more of an early onset problem the having to cut things in the edit bay. The supporting cast is fine, none of them truly stand out other than Krysten Ritter, who plays the headstrong and confident best friend, she’s given very little to do but she stands out when she’s on screen. Whether or not this is Amy Adams best Performance is certainly a debate, but I’ll always remember this as the movie I realized she was a step above great.


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