Great Expectations: Far Cry 4

Far cry 3 was a surprise to me, I had no preconceived notions, I never thought it would be bad, I just figured a game released in the late part of November had very little to show, but it sure showed me. The tropical setting, the massive upgrade system, skinning animals to make a better wallet it was a perfect addiction. And even for its many shortcomings I enjoyed far cry 3’s overall plot, Jason Brody and his friends and family are stranded on a remote island to fend for themselves, realizing that someone has to do something he decides to conquer this insane island and get them back home, it also introduced a great villain by the name of Vaas, he’s mostly insane put he’s also very poignant.

It’s tough to make an open world game interesting with the simple fact that it is open world, Skyrim pretty much ruined that for everybody, looking out into beautiful vistas no longer qualifies as a must buy game. That’s why from the very start I had minimal hopes that Farcry 4 would live up to the amazing time I had with far cry 3, from everything I had seen it looked like more Far cry just in a different setting, so when I finally sat down to play it the meter stayed exactly where it was. Part of the reason I think I loved Far cry 3 so much was because of its surprise to me, Far cry 4 is more of the same everything really, which is fine, that shouldn’t be a bad thing, it’s a great game.

But it’s something like that that made it harder for me to enjoy, the plot is wobbly at best, which is a bit of a letdown because I enjoyed 3’s plot so much, the opening scene sets a great tone although not one that it continues on, you meet Pagan Min (Voiced by Troy Baker) who has all the potential to be more than Vaas was in far cry 3 but after the intro he’s relegated to calling you over your walkie talkie, which is a clichéd video game trope. But Far cry has many more positive notches than it does negative, the gameplay is on top of its game, its relatively unchanged from 3 but it’s the subtly things like building you’re load out and comparing them, the weapons in general are great I especially loved running around with my bow and arrow pretending I’m Kyrat’s Green Arrow, running around taking outposts while riding an elephant and throwing bait so a tiger could devour my enemy for me, it’s a fun addition that can work for you but also backfire in many ways. I eventually became addicted to climbing radio towers and skinning bears to progress Ajay’s abilities’ but then I started to wavier, I never really cared about Ajay or his parents past, mainly because he doesn’t seem too, the reason I progressed so far in Far cry 3 was the fact that I had to save my friends and brother because Jason brody went from being a night club douche to a crazy person with a sleeve tattoo (I miss the sleeve tattoo.)

Far cry 4 is a fun game, and maybe I’m just looking at Far Cry 3 through rose colored glasses, because it was my first, but at the end of the day weather its good or bad, this is more Far Cry. I spent the majority of my time playing the game with the TV on mute and listening to podcasts while I obsessively try and clear the map from radio towers to looting chests, it’s an addicting game but there’s not a lot much deeper in the story, and if that’s what you’re expecting then Far cry is the perfect game for you.


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