Mini Movie Racap – Into the Woods

Based on the famous play, Into the Woods is directed by Rob Marshall, I’ll be honest I don’t see many musicals, but I can be enticed into loving them, as long as the music is catchy. One of my gripes with the movie may actually be that most of the songs sound very similar and I would sometimes get bored watching them because I had just heard the same sort of tune for the last hour and a half, but there are certainly some bright spots all throughout the movie.

From the get go, you’re introduced to all the characters you’ll meet throughout the movie, I enjoyed this opening number, although I wasn’t entirely sure when one ended and the other one stopped, it was still catchy. I’m not crazy about children on TV or Movies, they tend to annoy me, maybe that’s just because I should watch better TV or no one knows how to write for kids, but I though both Actors who played Little Red Riding hood and Jack from the famous beanstalk tale, were both very good, at both acting and singing. As for my favorite performances though it has to be Emily Blunt, and in second place Meryl Streep. Emily both actors brought so much fun to the roll that I simply enjoyed watching them on screen. The movie is about a baker (James Corden) and his wife (Emily Blunt) trying to lift a curse put on his family so that he can never have children, to do that they must get four items from around the woods for a witch (Meryl Streep) the four items include a Red Cape, Yellow hair, golden Slipper, and a white cow.

The second half ends and things get a bit odd, I won’t say bad but it takes a turn that is fine especially when trying to tell the afterwards to happily ever after, but a lot of the life and fun of the movie is sucked out for a certain characters death, it was a bit jarring to see this very fun and exciting fairy tale turn into a darker more somber ending, and the ending your given is to assume that they will again be happily ever after, when the second half of the movie has already told us that, those endings don’t exist. And another baffling thing is, why is Rapunzel and her love interest in this movie at all. Its explained that they need yellow hair, so they get it from Rapunzel but it turns out they can’t use it because the witch cannot be in contact with any of the items because reasons. Now that works as simply an obstacle for them to overcome, but then its solved within a matter of seconds.

I recommend the movie to those who love musicals and fairy tales but maybe not so much if you simply need a movie, to watch. I enjoyed my time with it, but it’s certainly not a must see. Some final notes, Johnny Deep spends the majority of his tiny screen time well, Chris Pine and Anna Kendrick are also fine as Cinderella and Prince charming but there story is nothing that you haven’t seen in a Cinderella story before until the final 10 minutes of the movie, it’s also odd seeing as Disney is also making a Cinderella movie next year but whatever I suppose they can just print money.


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