Mini Movie Recap – The Imitation Game

It’s easy to judge The imitation game at first for simply taking benedict Cumberbatch and putting him in his Sherlock character role during world war two, but Cumberbatch portrays Alan Turing in such a meek, and confident light that you start to really grasp the subtleties of his performance, whether it be his frumpy posture to his weak chin and his occasional stutter. The movie is about Alan Turing and a group of other math nerds trying to crack an impossible Nazi code, using a computer the first of its kind.

The group consists of two obvious stand outs along with Benedict Cumberbatch, Joan Clark and Hugh Alexander played by Keira Knightley and Matthew Goode Respectively, Knightley plays Alan’s absurdly smart new recruit and Goode plays the teams cocky leader (at first) they are both remarkably good in their roles, Goode portrays Hugh as if James Bond was a mathlete and it works very well. Knightley works well as the unassuming proper girl who can figure out a crossword puzzle in less than 6 minutes.

The movie unlike some other’s this year has several solid and followed through on messages, and some of them you don’t realize until towards the end, it jumps around a bit going from Alan’s Childhood then to the war and then to the early 50’s it’s a bit odd at first but you catch on quickly as to the direction your being pulled in, but the brightest part of this movie is Cumberbatch, throughout the movie Alan is a very stoic and secretive man with all the skill in the world to pull off the machine to break this invincible Nazi code, but towards the end he breaks your heart in just how much he cares about the machine he’s spent his entire life working towards.

I defiantly recommend the movie; it should certainly be on everyone’s radars just like Benedict Cumberbatch should be, from the poignant moments of him as a child discovering cryptography, or the bold and defiant stance he takes to keep this project going. Very few bio pics strike the perfect balance in telling you who this person was and this movie certainly shows the importance one man had on an entire war.


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