Building Anticipation with The Order: 1886

The Order 1886 is one of too few exclusives coming out for PlayStation soon, originally it was meant as a release window game and then it was delayed a couple months than a year, clearly the game has had some sort of issue that prolonged its release, a problem that we will never know. But when it was initially announced you could tell the studio ‘Ready at Dawn’ was chomping at the bit to make a big and powerful next gen game, from toweling away on PSP games year after year they suddenly became one of PlayStation’s big dogs, weather they stay that way is another thing.

Most games today are good looking; no one can get away with a crappy looking game anymore. But there was something different about The Order, it felt like a crazy fantastical movie, and you could tell even though the trailer gave you almost nothing, other than an ‘alternate history’ kind of game. The thing that separates good looking games from the order is the cinematic feel to it all, the ridiculous lighting reflecting off characters faces to the physics of clothing whipping in the wind, and it cemented that different kind of look with the widescreen bars all throughout the game, making it as though you are watching a movie. Weather this type of flourish is accepted or rejected by the video game community is up for debate until the game finally releases.

The Order’s biggest controversy has been its control every time I read an article about the game being played at an event; I hear about how amazing the world and atmosphere is but the downside has always been how clunky and unintuitive the controls are. Well those claims have slowly gotten quieter, they are not gone completely but they have calmed a bit. It’s strange to imagine a game developer nailing every aspect of a game except the actual gameplay, you would imagine that the first thing you try and clean up (after initial concept) is the gameplay itself. But from everything I’ve heard it has gone from awful controls to a generic 3rd person shooter ala Gears of War.

PlayStation exclusives are tough to come by these days, after DriveClub’s debacle to Naughty Dog’s internal upheaval; we have many mixed thoughts and messages. That’s why all the weight in the world is on The Order and Bloodborne, simply because they are the only tent poles left for the PlayStation banner since the release of Infamous: Second son. But even more so the studio ‘Ready at Dawn’ they want to be a big deal under the umbrella of PlayStation and if this franchise kicks off they have cart blanch in terms of respect and leeway. And if it doesn’t they are probably back to making tiny games they have no creative control over. But I don’t need to tell them that. Because they already know the weight bestowed upon them, and I have hope that The Order: 1886 will do well critically and commercially. Simply through what I’ve seen so far and all that delay time usually adds up to some significant improvements.


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