Please Fix Your Connection

It’s tough to imagine games today without some sort of connectivity to the internet, I mean just picture Destiny without being able to play with others, kind of a boring wasteland if you ask me, even the rise of Call of Duty doesn’t happen without a basic internet connection. This connection to the World Wide Web has revolutionized the way games are made and played but even more notably the way they are preserved. DLC and a day 1 patch are almost accepted assurances at this stage in gaming’s young life, a lot of games won’t even work correctly if you can’t download the most recent patch. And that’s because games are bigger and better in a lot of ways, and the developers have a limited time to get these things done.

The reason this topic came to my mind to write about is the fact that Evolve is coming out soon and everyone has gotten their socks in a bunch over the fact that the game has what seems like an excessive amount of DLC coming along with it. I will not play evolve, I have no interest in evolve and I didn’t have any interest before I even knew about the game, I won’t play it simply because that kind of game doesn’t appeal to me. But the concern’s that people are throwing at Evolve does concern me a bit. The more I look at it, the more I think people are simply upset with the game having so much extraneous material and also costing 60$, on one level that’s a really weird thing to complain about, having more options available to you is always a good thing in gaming it’s never a bad thing. You just have to pay for more options, and if you don’t want to pay (and the vast majority of people will want to pay.) you don’t have to buy it. The game has enough options, guns, outfits, and monsters to justify a 60$ price tag. But evolve is not the point of this article, DLC and being online is.

Downloadable content is one of those things that you think is stupid until you want it. I don’t want DLC for Call of duty, but I do want it for Dragon Age. It’s all about tastes and publishers realize that, that’s why every E3 (electronic entertainment expo) we hear about all the exclusive capes and armor my batman on ps4 can have while your batman on Xbox only has a normal suit of armor. It sounds stupid but it must sell otherwise they would stop doing it. So while DLC is a controversial issue that people on the internet yell about, it seems like the more vocal are in the minority. Now what would seem like the downside to the online connectivity of it all, is having to patch your game as soon as it arrives. Now while it is cool to actively affect the game after its initial release it seems that every game released these past few months is broken in some way, whether it be trophies, or faces melting off of characters it’s becoming an epidemic.

While epidemic is a melodramatic term, online issues are incredibly annoying when I’m running through dragon age mission after mission and then I hit a brick wall and just can’t continue the next mission because some code somewhere is wrong, even buying a horse in dragon age has become an issue for me. That’s just an example because I know there are many other games out there and Dragon Age is one of the smallest offenders it’s just the first that came to mind. Being online can be a crutch or a money maker for many developers but at some point we need to think about fixing the games before they are released.


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