Shaping A Universe

The concept of an Iron Man movie before Marvel studios ruled the world is a crazy one. Imagine the pitch meeting, “We want to make a movie about a man who is a drunk, misogynistic, billionaire, who builds a tin suit and saves the world.” If that wasn’t worrisome enough “We want to cast Robert Downey Jr, someone who had his own set of issues that Hollywood wasn’t ready to trust yet. When I first heard the news of a Iron Man movie in production I was in the ‘what?! why?!’ phase. Iron man in the comics was always an interesting concept but he never broke that final ceiling for me as a kid. And to be honest he never had that many great story lines in the comics anyway. Of course ‘Demon in a bottle’ always comes to mind as his most memorable, but there was nothing setting him apart, that’s why when the movie released my head exploded. He was witty, clever, smart, and more importantly he was a bad ass, whenever I think of Iron Man I always think of the scene of him blowing up the tank with a tiny missile and walking away before it exploded but little did I know that this movie would be the start of something bigger, And thus began the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe).

Most movie studios are hit or miss when it comes to making good movie, but as of me writing this, (we’ll see how Avengers: Age of Ultron turns out.) everything that Marvel Studios touches turns to gold, even their TV programing is surprisingly good. If you are a comic fan you knew that building your universe on Captain America, Thor, and Hulk was a solid plan but something like this had never been done on this scale, everything in “Phase One” culminating in one of the biggest movies of all time, ‘The Avengers’ and then it was over, Right? Well no because now you gotta do it again, so instead of driving these heroes down our throat like most studios would do, they bring us Guardians of the Galaxy one of the strangest and most unremarkable comics on Marvel’s shelves. And you know what it was awesome, that movie bought so much trust in so many fans eyes that they can’t do any wrong.

So in many ways the golden egg that fell into Marvel’s lap is the pseudo failure of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ franchise under Sony’s umbrella. As a side note, I thought Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were perfect in every aspect of those movies; it’s the movies themselves that had more of an issue. But the struggle of those films brought Sony back to Marvel asking for help, and now we are getting something I thought would never happen. Spider-Man appearing next to Iron Man, Captain America, and the rest of the marvel family, but the bigger reason for all of this is so that marvel has a conduit for the phases after Iron Man, as sad as it is Robert Downey Jr, cant portray Iron Man forever, but having a lovable character to take his place is something marvel can do easily with Spider-Man. Building a universe around the web head is something that marvel needs to have a figure head for the studio, sure Guardians’ 2 and Ms. Marvel will be awesome but that doesn’t draw in crowds of normal people. Marvel Studios is batting a thousand at this point in the game, regardless of your thoughts on the Iron Man sequels or the strangeness of Thor, they are still leaps and bounds better than anything Marvel ever made before 1998. With their future secured and their wallets heavy, Marvel has set the standard for Hollywood.


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