A Virtual Reality Check

The original Wii changed how people play games, Nintendo is pretty good at that, the Wii made it accessible for your aunt or your grandma to buy a gaming console and play Wii bowling with the family when they came over to visit. A revolution like that obviously had Microsoft and Sony reaching into their wallet to throw whatever money they could at something similar for their own products. Clearly the Kinect was much more successful than the train wreck that is the PlayStation Move, but both of them struggled to find any sort of audience that the Wii had, Hell even the Wii-u is having a hard time finding that audience. So after the end of the Wii era what’s the next big innovation to get gamers talking if not excited?

A virtual reality has always been a promise, and we always knew that at some point it would happen, so does anybody care? Well at the moment everybody is at the “Let’s wait and see” approach, there are plenty of reasons I’m hesitant about a Virtual Reality gaming atmosphere but it’s certainly an interesting on. In fact to say that Virtual Reality is coming is a lie, it’s already here, and there are a bunch of already cool headsets and apps that work for a VR setting, but none of them have a must own game yet, sure you can walk around a haunted house or swim with sharks but how can that compare to so many games today that have rich stories and lively gameplay, the problem with the Kinect and PlayStation Move was that it had zero support from their creators, games came out with very little fanfare and “Hardcore” gamers wanted nothing to do with them because they were watered down gameplay mechanics.

So the next step for this VR future is to develop something more than a luge race down a baron street. Gaming is about losing yourself in a world that has rich characters and a diverse set of objectives to beat. I’m more confident in VR than I was in the Kinect or Move, mainly because VR has PC gaming behind it. PC gaming is the past, present, and future of the industry the widest array of genres and the largest group of players can make this sort of gaming style a success. The only problem after that is the pricing,

Your mind can run wild with the possibility’s and options VR can give you, but once you come back to reality you have to think about cost, these things certainly won’t be cheap. Project Morpheus (PlayStationVR) will be specifically targeted to work with the PS4, will console gamers invest that much into a big headset that they aren’t sure will be supported. While both PC and Xbox plan to work with the Oculus Rift they have less to lose, sure Xbox can publish a game for the Oculus, but they won’t live or die by the numbers like Sony will with the Morpheus.

Commercial drones are flying through the sky, people get hacked every day and soon you can wear the internet on your glasses. The future is here, only the consumer can judge if VR will be a part of that. Tech industries are throwing a lot of money at this advancement in gaming specifically but at this very moment I’m going to wait and see long after the release of Oculus and Morpheus to see how VR turns out because honestly I already spend a lot of money on games and consoles, I’m not sure I can afford to buy a $500 headset accessory that plays a few good games a year.


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