Downloading Your Content

The first time I bought DLC (Down loadable content) was for Dragon Age: Origins probably I cantbe sure but that certainly feels right. The PS3 was my first console that I bought with my own money it was liberating, its kind of the same way with DLC for a game you love. Everybody thinks DLC is stupid until its for a game you love. That’s why I don’t judge Evolve for having DLC early out the gate, I don’t care about that game in the least so of course I don’t care about the DLC, but there are plenty of people out there who love that game and will pay out the back end for more content. But that doesn’t mean that DLC is always a great idea.

The day that Dragon Age Inquisition releases DLC I will buy it the minute it arrives, obviously that’s a broad statement because I’m probably not going to buy all of the DLC they release but I care about that game to support it after I’ve had fun with it. Now obviously there are fan favorites when It comes to DLC, CD Projekt Red made a statement buy saying that their blockbuster game releasing in a few short months will have free DLC, nothing huge but certainly substantive. Things like this are always great and applauded but I don’t think it should become the rule. Of course free games are always welcome that’s why things like PS plus are great but I don’t think its a horrible thing to see that the developers make some money after the release of their game they spent four years making, day one DLC is another story I’ll get into.

If a group of gamer’s that truly love a franchise stand up against DLC for its price or it actual content that’s another story, a lot of the time that sort of thing doesn’t happen often,and if it does people should speak with their wallet to say how stupid it is. The main thing hurled at developers about DLC is the idea that “they should’ve put this content on the disc when It shipped” while there are certain cases where that’s true, like Javik from Mass Effect 3 or a few of Evolves add on’s a lot of the time the studio that made the game have a lot of downtime between the game going gold (Finished and ready to ship) and it actually releasing, sometimes that time is spent on day 1 patches but its also the birth place for a lot of ideas and extensions to a world that people love.

I’m a pretty laid back guy,so I don’t get angry at much and even less that involves video games but I can understand and respect the hatred and distaste for day 1 DLC, the same day your patching your game because its broken shouldn’t also be the same day your telling me I can buy a new character to play with on the game I just paid $60 for. It would seem that the worst is behind us now, exclusive DLC for buying at amazon or gamestop is still annoying but it certainly isn’t the worst thing in the world, Getting more content for a game you love is always a great thing, and as long as that sort of thing is continuously consumed, studios and publishers are going to keep making it. the vocal minority sure is loud but most of the time game makers only care about your wallet.


3 thoughts on “Downloading Your Content

  1. DLC’s should feel like seperate content, like something new and experimental for the game that’s only worth releasing if the game is successful. The DLC’s for Fallout 3, for example, add new diverging storylines that weren’t worth working on if the game wasn’t successful. If the DLC is just adding more weapons it’s useless.

    What I’m missing is the huge expansion packs, like the ones Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind had. These didn’t just cool new ideas but a whole new story. Now, when the files are digital the developers can make the DLC at any size they want. I hope we’ll see huge DLC’s soon.

    1. I agree, things like GTA: lost and the damned or Dragon Age: Wakening are fantastic uses of DLC, I’m not a fan of the weapon DLC either.

  2. Only DLC I ever bought was for Mario kart 8 because the worth of it all seemed a good deal, the game is solid still after this many hours so I’m glad I got it.

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