Your Game Has Been Delayed

In today’s media landscape we tend to know the plot of movies and the structure of a game before the project has a director or a publisher, and there are certain guarantees when it comes to gaming, we know there will be another Halo, we know that there will be another Elder Scrolls, the only real question is wen it will be released and ready for me to play it. That would make you think the publishers have all the leverage, they know something we don’t. And yet they still announce games one year or in Bioshock: Infinite’s case four years before its release, so it doesn’t surprise me that every other game is being delayed left and right.

Every Delay is a good delay, there is no bad delay games don’t get delayed and come out worse than they were going to be. Naughty Dog developers credit the last of us to its delay, its that little bit of extra that makes a game special, sure there are shady instances like when Batman: Arkham Knight was announced for holiday 2014, to then be delayed seven months in the span of a couple weeks. They never actually intended to release it that early, they just needed to drum up business, while that kind of behavior is annoying to say the least, I’m sure playing Batman: Arkham Knight in October when it isn’t finished wont be a better than playing it in July this year.

PlayStation 4 is selling like hotcakes at the moment, and its even more impressive since the people that but them have nothing to play in terms of first party studio games, there is no God of War (that we know of) no Killzone, and even more importantly there is no Uncharted this year. I honestly never thought that game was coming out this year, Naughty dog is a great studio but they aren’t miracle workers, but this speaks to the reason delays are necessary. The majority of the team that had been working on Uncharted 4 has left, gone on to do something else in the gaming industry, so now the guys from “The Last Of Us” are taking over for them, that means they need to start from a little more than scratch, to be completely honest I’m impressed that the game is coming out early next year, that’s a quick turn around for a studio that just spent the last four years making the PlayStation 3’s best game.

A major issue publishers seem to have is blowing their load early, there is no reason we needed to see watch dogs two years before it’s delay and then release, DriveClub probably should’ve been delayed again before it came out, there is so much excitement for a game that’s announced early why not just wait until the game is actually ready to show it off, and then release it a few months later, Studios like Bethesda and Naughty dog (take a drink every time I mention Naughty Dog) are great at keeping secret, the polar opposite of that is any team that works on assassins creed, it would seem as though I’m reading about the next assassins creed leak while I’m standing in line for the most recent one.

Let this be a message to the publishers who actually care about my opinion, lets have some foreplay before going all the way, I don’t need a thirty minute game play teaser to get me excited, I’m already excited for it, because I love video games. You would save so much money on advertising and spectacle if you just announced a game and then released it three months later, but I suppose share holders don’t want to hear that.

Patience is a virtue, and its also tough to wait. I want to punch Gotham city criminals in the face more than anyone but I also understand that the finer touches are what makes that game so exceptional. So snapping pirates necks while quipping it up will have to wait until next year but just channel all the frustration into the next video game villain you face off with.


4 thoughts on “Your Game Has Been Delayed

  1. We don’t know MOST games and movies plots before they’ve even started unless they are very obvious or cliché, I can still be enamoured with a tease of the new, even if more often than not it devolves into same old same old.

    1. all i meant was that most media is repeated story lines and genre, the Avengers are going to win, the guy gets the girl, and the sports team wins the big game, everything in between is a chance to be nuance and special, but thank you for reading! 🙂

      1. Ah I thought it was a blend of the incessant pre release information as well as the obvious line the stories follow. Either way twas a fun read, good post sir.

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