BloodBorne One shot: its just not for me

The first time I played Demon Souls I didn’t make it far, I’m not kidding I didn’t even make it off the first bridge, the skeleton kept killing me. I consider myself an experienced gamer but “From Software” kicks my ass every time. I’m a big fan of fantasy games, so looking at demon souls without any context seemed like a slam dunk. But once I got it home I immediately regretted it. That’s not to say I think these games are bad, in fact its the opposite these games are so good that I don’t even want to play them.

The minute I stopped playing demon souls the first time, I thought to myself “Ugh this game is awful.” but once I started paying attention to the gaming atmosphere around it, I realized that I was wrong. this game is incredible and I’m not good at it. And that’s fine because I’m sure If I was good at it I would lose hours of my life trying to grind through this beautifully created world. Its a game I respect but I also keep my distance.

Every time I see Bloodborne being played I think “Wow I think I would love this.” its a bit quicker, its gorgeous, its violent, and incredibly Gothic. But then I remember getting my ass handed to me by a simple skeleton on the first bridge of demon souls. Its not that I’m afraid of dying in Bloodborne, if that were the case I would never play video games ever again. Its probably the fact that taking my time and burying hours into learning and perfecting this sort of game is daunting. Obviously this is overly dramatic for a video game but ever since getting demon souls and watching the uproar of fans for the series, I’ve been wondering why this kind of game doesn’t appeal to me.

All over social media I see people drooling over the amazingness that is Bloodborne, and that’s great, for multiple reasons. This is the first “Great” PlayStation exclusive and its also a deep and careful game, it doesn’t hold your hand or drive you down one hallway, its thoughtful and crazy at the same time. This series may never be for me. But its certainly spoke to millions of others. mindsets like this that publishers and fans should be open too. Gaming is to broad a media to not include games like bloodborne.


7 thoughts on “BloodBorne One shot: its just not for me

  1. I love to get others takes on a game I love so much. I totally understand, and I am glad you see it as a great game that you would just rather distance yourself from. So often I hear that “its a terrible game” simply because someone couldn’t get a grasp on the effort and play style shift it requires.

    It really is a gorgeous game, so if you ever do get the urge to hop in, please do… The community is awesome and supportive ^^

    1. Yeah, I can’t stand people who simply suck at a game and think its awful because of that. the more I look at it the more intrigued i am. it looks horrifying and hard but i am getting closer to giving it a shot. thanks for reading.

  2. I first started out playing Demon Souls as well and was terrified and stressed because I didn’t want to die. I soon found out that these games really do take a lot of patience and practice to be good at them, or good enough to get by. Bloodborne looks like an amazing title and definitely should be in the running for game of the year already. The one thing that draws me back to these games is the setting that it is in. Like you, I enjoy fantasy and gothic type of artwork and that make me try to play the game, but I seem to never get anywhere from how “bad” I am.

    Maybe after a couple months you’ll get the game and like it, who knows what could change.
    Great post

    Best regards,

    1. Yeah the game looks incredible, its the type of game that will make you look like an idiot if you aren’t careful, thanks for reading.

  3. I was really worried about the difficulty level as well. I have a three-year-old and my reflexes ain’t what they used to be, so I can’t play as much as I want AND I’m not very good anymore.

    So far, I find it to not be nearly as hard as everyone said. I’d check it out if I were you.

  4. Haha good to know, everything i hear about the game is either terrifying or hard, but i feel like i should at least give it a shot. thanks for reading

  5. What bugs me is the insistence that “every death is your fault”, when clearly I was supposed to be careful and KNOW he could leap across the stage like that and combo me in a corner. I’d say its about 60% me and 40% the game being new or just being a prick.

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