Metal Gear Solid: My Phantom Thoughts

For the past four days, I’ve been up to my neck in Metal Gear Solid 5. and I must say it has phenomenal gameplay. Moment to moment sneaking and taking out bad guys is one of the most satisfying feelings this year in gaming. Any chance I get to stealth in video games I relish, its a hard thing to get right, mechanically speaking. One of the biggest games of the year, both in terms of budget and scope is a stealth based game. That doesn’t happen very often. And since Konami and Kojima had a falling out. I doubt we will see a game with this scale and budget again. Sure Konami will go back to the metal gear well, and Kojima will continue to make stealth based games but this marriage of the two seems like a distant if a not impossible dream.

I am not a Metal Gear fan; that’s not to say I don’t enjoy any of the other games. I just haven’t played them. This was my first, so probably with good reason the story flew right over my head. I had zero interest in anything anyone was saying. And cassette tapes as a form of exposition seems like an incredibly old school form of gaming that I’m just not interested in anymore. That being said everything in a cut scenes is extremely cinematic and makes me wonder if Kojima or any of his underlings will try his/her hand at directing TV or movies. The game obviously takes its visual cues from pop culture in terms of direction and scale. And Kojima is the only other person who likes lens flares more that JJ Abrams.

Clearly Metal Gear has stepped up next to The Witcher, and Batman Arkham Knight in the Game of the year conversation. While personally I put it at the bottom of that list and maybe even below some others. We still have a long way to go until that is decided. We will most likely never see this combination again. A gigantic stealth game with both Kojima and Konami at the helm. While that may seem said to die-hard Metal Gear fans, it’s a good chance to look at this game and realize what vision can look like. The opening 30 minutes alone is worth the price of admission. It’s nothing like the game proper but it’s like watching an action movie.

She is a whole other conversation…

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