End of Summer Gaming

Summer has ended, and soon we will be drowning in big triple A titles, like Tomb Raider, Just Cause, Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty and the biggest of them all, Fallout 4. but before all that happens three bigger scale games were released a few weeks before the tornado of titles could hit us. Until Dawn, Mad Max, and the much anticipated and much talked about Metal Gear Solid Five: The Phantom Pain. It’s not so strange anymore that bigger games come out at different points in the year. But it is a bit odd to see games like these overlap each other. Normally everything would get out of Metal Gear’s way and just let it have September. But since every month of the year left seems to be taken by something. Until Dawn and Mad Max took a chance and released them before the holiday rush.
On a personal note, having played all three of these games for the past three weeks my favorite is ‘Until Dawn’ probably because I just spent the last 5 months playing Dragon Age, The Witcher, and Batman. All great games but very similar in many ways to both Mad Max and Metal gear. I love me some open world gaming, but maybe it’s reaching its peak because now it seems every triple A title needs to be open world. But that’s a discussion for another time. Until Dawn is so drastically different from anything I’ve every played, sure it has elements of the telltale series or life is strange. But it looks and plays so much cleaner and better than any of those games could dream of. No offense to the two games mentioned I love them, but Until Dawn may very well be PlayStation’s best-looking game.
Metal Gear does gameplay better than the other two by a mile. It’s not even a question I cannot tell you how satisfying the stealth in that game is. But I’ve already talked about that in a previous article. And that’s why Mad Max falls into the ‘Meh’ category. Like everybody in their right mind can agree Mad Max: Fury Road was a fantastic spectacle of a movie. While I had no expectations going into the game. I was pretty underwhelmed. It’s good. Not great. It doesn’t do anything particularly awesome like the other two. And since I was all ‘open worlded’ out I, in fact, decided to play through Until Dawn a second time instead of play more Mad Max.
Games like these will and should continue to come out at odd times. The fall is always jam packed, and the summer is filled with indies. So why not throw in a Dying Light or Until Dawn now and then. It’s nice to have a bigger game to play all times during the year.


1 thought on “End of Summer Gaming

  1. All I need is GTA, Battlefield. You didn’t even mention Battlefront come on that’s going to be big.

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